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Sean Dougherty

Thanks for the thoughtful comments. It's nice to have a post noticed by someone other than Ukranians trying to sell pharmaceuticals.

Even though we disagree, I think the long and well-argued comments demonstrate that I did find the interesting part of the article.

Jim Knight

By the way, the industry is dying (not flourishing) because of social media like Facebook and because 99% of women in Russia and Eastern Europe are not interested in meeting Americans, partly because people like you got a message across that all American men are potential predators and partly because the economy is so much better now than 15 years ago when the industry was really booming.

Also, most agencies are now dishonestly milking the kind of idiot who would spend more than $40 to get to know someone online. And they use IMBRA as an excuse to fool these idiots about the need to spend lots of money before they can release personal contact info. This nonsense causes the majority of men to quit using such agencies. Maybe there should be a law against men spending more than $100 to get to know someone (I'm kidding of course, but I agree men would be fools to pay that much).

So, because of the collapsing nature of the business, Teddy Wayne did no serious journalism here. He was told, probably by Marie Claire editors, that pushing the agenda of stigmatizing older men dating younger women.

Also, some agencies like Tahirih have had their federal funding canceled thanks to men's rights groups.

They need to pretend the business is "flourishing" in order to try to convince the new Tea Party Congress to fund them again.

Never mind the fact that, if Tea Party Congresswomen renew VAWA (which IMBRA is a part of), they will face a male voter wrath in 2012. You can Google VAWA and Feminism to see the debate there.

If you flew to Moscow and tried to come on to a dozen gorgeous 19 year olds without speaking their language or being highly physically fit, you would get rejected a dozen times.

They are the opposite of desperate. They will cruelly reject most American men. You don't need to pretend you're sticking up for the welfare of young women who would reject you in 99% of cases. The opportunity for you to divorce your wife and get a 19 year old Moscow bride ENDED 10 years ago.

Obviously, I am no advocate of mail order bride services. I just care about my right to say hello to a woman without government intervention.

Teddy's article really didn't need to have been written at all, except as a warning to older businessmen that laws are being made to control their heterosexual private lives (the article correctly notes that gay relationships overseas are regulated now as well).

Jim Knight

Seriously Sean, since your fairness on the "Eek a male" article shows that you have some redeeming qualities for those who care about men's rights (and human rights in general), I highly recommend that you read all the IMBRA vs Feminism literature and join the cause of common sense.

Not one person has ever debated IMBRA in a fair fight and won. The law will be overturned when finally challenged.

Maybe its good that Teddy's article is out there because those businessmen who read it and want a beautiful younger woman to date, will see those ugly words "the law requires background checks of those who want to communicate with foreigners" and wonder "is this the America I grew up in"?

It's amazing you can jump on those who get hyped up about potential pedophiles but not about those who get hyped up about men who look to date those over 18 (where all statistics show men with foreign wives they met on the Internet are less violent than the norm).

Jim Knight

Are you kidding Sean? Are you a radical feminist? What abuse of women? Of 1000 murders of significant others in the USA every year, FBI stats say that less than 1 is of a "mail order bride" (one MOB gets killed every 3 years).

That article was biased toward the over 35 female readership and any male would have quickly picked up on the anecdote bias of using an outrageous marketing quote from an unknown agency.

Try a Google search for IMBRA and Feminism. Tell me that I've got an ugly world view because I date a gorgeous woman 20 years younger and because I am determined to stop feminists from regulating the free speech and association of Americans with foreigners.

Men want to date women for their youth and beauty, not submissiveness.

There is no ugliness in that sentiment. Don't you know how 99% of men think?

Other news organizations are dying because men didn't agree with their feminist viewpoints. BusinessWeek died as well.

They would have grilled the leadership of American companies who would have eloquently described how unconstitutional IMBRA is, and then the editors would redact the final article to not include any statement that doesn't fit the radical feminist view.

Answer me this (and then please delete your ill-considered post):

Are you OK that IMBRA forces all Americans to be background checked before being allowed to say hello to a foreigner on a dating site that includes less than 50% Americans of the opposite sex? Read the law. That is what it says.

Are you OK that a judge agreed to temporarily uphold the law because the feminist lawyers said they wanted all dating sites, domestic and otherwise, to be mandated to background check all their members?

Are you OK that IMBRA says foreign women are like children and don't have the right, even in their own country, to broadcast their contact info to strangers if they choose to?

Do you see why Teddy was out of line in saying IMBRA wasn't being enforced for companies outside of the US? He was suggesting that the USA regulate foreign companies on foreign soil. Are you OK with that?

Are you OK that a Bush appointee, Thomas Rose, upheld one challenge of IMBRA saying "There is no fundamental liberty interest in an American contacting a foreigner"?

And you take this radical view while condemning another White Knighter for not being radical enough!?

You need to read men's blogs more. Try www.fathersandfamiles.org and www.onlinedatingrights.com for starters.

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