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Sean Dougherty

Of course! I'm rooting for it.

alan pleskow

Hi- have you checked Zavee.com recently? Its up and operational.

Sean Dougherty

Thanks for checking in Ron. You were a real mentor to me and it's exciting to hear from you again after so many years.

I tried to get into the post that I mostly liked the content of the article, I just didn't like the bait-and-switch of using the lawsuit as a peg to write about how PR firms use social media.

By moving from a lede about extortion and dishonesty in how Yelp! does business and into broader PR activities links those two topics in ways that aren't helpful.

I'll check out your post as well - right now I can't seem to get your site to load.


Hi Sean --

I blogged about the Washington Post story on Zavee Thinking (http://zaveethinking.com). However, my take was slightly different.

I think the objective of the article was to introduce Social Media marketing/online PR to a lay audience. This is important for practitioners because as the public becomes more aware of the existence and impact of these tools it should become easier to make them part of the marketing mix.

It's also important for companies like Zavee (http://zavee.com), which offers Social Media marketing tools to local businesses. Not surprisingly, our platform is easier to sell to merchants who are already aware of these tools, so articles that validate them can be very helpful.

Best regards,

Ron Stack
COO, Zavee

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